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Thank you for visiting Jeanette-Marie Mirich’s website.  You are invited to enjoy her short-stories and poetry posts, as well as go behind the scenes to get a glimpse of what is lurking in her mind for the next writing project.  

Within the pages of her books, you will find mystery, romance, and adventure perfectly blended for a wonderful read that will leave you with a hunger for another round – all while honoring the One for whom she writes. She is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Oregon Christian Writers Group, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

Her D.B. Burns mystery series is the latest works of Jeanette-Marie. The first novel, The Courtship of Harry’s Wife, received a wealth of reviews. From the U.K. comes this one.

“A must read for all of us, hopeless romantics. Funny, charming, and full of mystery and intrigue but sweetly so, I loved every minute and fell I love with the judge. Small town in all its glory and underbelly neatly packaged. Wonderful, didn’t want it to end.” 

Another kind review from the U.S. says,

“What a delightful surprise. This book is a cozy mystery like no other. Quirky characters with Christian character, Surprises and twists throughout. I did not want this book to end and look forward to the next from this author. Thank you, Jeanette-Marie Mirich for a fun, heart-warming read.”

The second book in the series, The Last Roses, touches on Jeanette’s heart of caring for the hurting. In it is exposed the depth of injury to a family of a kidnapping victim and the deep wounds to a soul lost in the underworld of trafficking.  

On a trip home from North Carolina, Delilah Burns Morgan…is stopped in her in her tracks by a deer she whacks into oblivion. Lyle Henderson, the man she loves but put off marrying comes to her rescue, Life would be a bed of roses if, during a week of recovery at the Henderson family estate, a lascivious conversation hadn’t been overheard a mystery of a dead girl is revealed, and someone using Lyle’s cabin in the woods as a rendezvous hadn’t altered their plans.

“I just finished the second book in this charming series of Mystery/love-story set in a small town with character for whom the reader can’t help but feel affection and community.”

“I couldn’t wait to read this second book. I love the heart-warming characters and the story line that continued the story of Delilah Morgan and friends.”

“Wow! Have you ever noticed how sometimes the second book by an author you loved just isn’t quite the same? You settle in, all prepared to love it and then you don’t. No worries here: The Last Roses reminded me of everything I loved about The Courtship of Harry’s Wife.”

Your Promised Me Paris, the third novel in the D.B. Burns series will be available in June of 2021.

Mirich was a member of The Christian Medical and Dental Association’s Marriage Commission. Together with her physician husband, she taught Physicians, Dentists, and their spouses at weekend Marriage Enrichment conferences. She also taught at conferences for Missionary Doctors. Her passion for marriage, built on a covenant relationship with God is an underlying message in her writing. She continues to mentor young women with one-on-one discipleship.

With her husband and family, she has served in short-term mission trips to Kenya at Kijabe Mission Station, the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a Women and Children’s hospital in Mali, and was a part of a team that served former prostitutes and street women in Managua, Nicaragua.

She received her B.S. in Education from Portland State University, and taught in the Milwaukie, Oregon public schools as well as in Pattaya Beach, Thailand during 1973.

A background in theater led to her writing two-act plays and performing in the Muskegon Civic Theater.

For several years her poems and short stories were published in Groundwaters, a quarterly magazine based in Loraine, Oregon and in their poetry anthology, Ripples On The Water. Groundwaters is now producing an anthology each year. She is a contributor in poetry as well as short story.

Jeanette-Marie has a passion for marriage and equipping couples to grow together with respect and love. She also enjoys quilting and is passing on the gift of using hands for others to her granddaughters. She uses her hands to knit, embroider, and make hollandaise sauce. Her delight is creating memories with her grandchildren.

Mirich has lived in Thailand during the Vietnam War, Kenya, and several states in the U.S.

Research in England, France, Malta, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kentucky, Malta and Greece have kept her traveling and making copious notes.

Her Novella, Happy Christmas, Miss Lawrence, second-place winner of Colorado Independent Publishers EVVY award, and the novel Shadow Games are no longer available through Amazon because her former publisher, Stonebridge Publications has closed.

Look for Happy Christmas, Miss Lawrence to be available as a novel in September of 2021. Her novels in the D.B. Burns series are published by Mountain Brook Ink and are available on Kindle, Amazon and The Courtship of Harry’s Wife is available on audible.

Thank you for reading. May you be richly blessed!